To be a man of future, or to be Definitely a Man of Future!

Often than usual, like every one, I also think about life in general terms. It is much a neat combination of what keep us intact with experiences, anecdotes and a series of lessons learnt.  But what people usually overlook in this game of treasure hunt, are the hindrances of other players. Is it very selfish … Continue reading

So you dream your Achievements? I don’t!

Several researches concluded numerous philosophies about dreams. People have diversified thoughts, adaptations and reservations about it. This subject has always been my interest as I believe in them, envision them and achieve them. I firmly judge dreams to be the future of what a man wants to be and then he creates possibilities to do … Continue reading

Well Begun is Half Done!

Build Pakistan concluded successfully this week with an absolute accomplishment and extensive business making. The incorporating event of STONECA – the stone expo shared the splendid wave and proved a rewarding occasion for all, with the aim of organizing the best corporate platform for stone industry which indeed ended up as a benchmark happening. The … Continue reading

What oil is for Middle East; is what Minerals are for Pakistan!

Indiscreetly the times change and we move on, replacing the old chapters with new one, subsequently achieving the unattained and looking forward to experience the new age; urging possibilities and  outlining distinctive strategies. The moving ticks give me hopes of a new tomorrow, progressive opportunities and resilient benchmarks. The evolving time, hence, taught me to … Continue reading